Jeremy reached out to me when he needed his portrait taken for Gnarly Magazine. I was thrilled. Jeremy is a long time friend and former colleague and I was pumped to see his artistry up close. Gnarly Magazine is a publication dedicated to custom artists, builders and lifestyle and Jeremy definitely fits this bill. He is one of only two people in the world restoring vintage skateboards. Jeremy has been screen printing for years and has done work for bands such as The Replacements and Dillinger Four. His evolution into restoring skateboards was not by accident. He grew up skateboarding and restoration of the skateboard decks of his childhood was something he had thought about for years.  A little over a year ago he restored his first board. He buys most of the boards from eBay, sands them down and creates the screen print. Then he begins the process of screen printing one color at a time. The entire process takes quite a bit of time. It’s pretty remarkable once you see all of the colors on the boards. Jeremy does this in his spare time and does not sell them. This may change in the future. For now, he likes keeping it as a hobby and has quite the collection displayed around his shop.

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